Teacher Appreciation Week

 Last week, we at The Academy of McKay's Mill celebrated our extraordinary teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and what a tribute it was! In the spirit of Dolly Parton's generosity and warmth, we showered our teachers with gifts, treats, and delicious food all week long. From heartfelt notes to themed surprises, every gesture was a token of our immense gratitude for the dedication and love our teachers pour into our school community. Without their guidance and passion, our school would simply be adrift. Here's to our amazing teachers, the true stars of The Academy of McKay's Mill. 


Lily Visits

 In the heartwarming journey of learning, our little friend Lily the Frog, a beloved stuffed companion, embarked on an adventure with a few of our cherished infants from The Academy of McKay's Mill. Together, they ventured into the realm of nighttime routines, weaving a tapestry of friendship and discovery. Lily's presence added a sprinkle of joy to their evening rituals, fostering bonds that transcend the classroom walls.


Moozie The Kindness Cow Visits

 This week, our preschool had the pleasure of hosting a very special visitor: Moozie The Kindness Cow! Moozie's presence brought smiles to all our little friends' faces as she reminded them of their uniqueness and the importance of kindness. Through interactive activities and heartwarming conversations, Moozie left a lasting impression on our preschool community, inspiring us all to spread kindness wherever we go.


Furry Friends Take Over: National Pet Day Celebration at The Academy of McKay's Mill

 At The Academy of McKay's Mill, the halls were filled with wagging tails and excited barks as students celebrated National Pet Day by bringing their beloved furry companions for a special visit. From fluffy Golden Doodles to energetic Labradors, each dog brought its own unique charm, delighting both children and teachers alike. The preschoolers eagerly interacted with the dogs, learning about responsibility and compassion while forming precious memories that will last a lifetime. National Pet Day at McKay's Mill was not just a celebration of pets, but a reminder of the joy and unconditional love they bring into our lives every day.


Marching Along: The Academy of McKay's Mill Hosts School-wide Animal Parade!

Today at The Academy of McKay's Mill, our little friends had an absolute blast as they participated in our school-wide animal parade. With our Pre-K monthly Frog Street theme focusing on Animals, it was the perfect opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity and enthusiasm while celebrating the animal kingdom. From lions to giraffes, our parade was a colorful and joyous event, fostering a love for learning and exploration among our young learners.


Easter Egg Hunts

 Springtime brings joy at The Academy of McKay's Mill as we prepare for our annual Easter egg hunts. Children eagerly await the chance to explore in search of hidden treasures, giggling with delight as they uncover colorful eggs nestled among the flowers and trees. This cherished tradition not only fosters a sense of adventure and teamwork,

but it also creates lasting memories.


Truck Tracks

Exploring the exciting world of motion and creativity, our little learners at The Academy of McKay's Mill recently engaged in an adventurous art project: Truck Track Art! As part of our Frog Street curriculum theme 'Things That Move,' children delighted in the opportunity to experiment with vibrant paints and toy trucks to create mesmerizing tracks on paper. With every swerve and curve, they not only honed their fine motor skills but also unleashed boundless imagination, turning ordinary tracks into colorful masterpieces. Witnessing their enthusiasm and ingenuity reaffirms our commitment to fostering holistic development through joyful learning experiences.


Leprechaun Lookers

 At The Academy of McKay's Mill, creativity and sustainability go hand in hand! Our recent project involved transforming recycled toilet paper into whimsical leprechaun lookers, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. With a splash of paint, and a sprinkle of imagination, our little artists crafted these charming detectors to catch a glimpse of elusive leprechauns. Through fun and eco-friendly crafts like these, we're not only fostering creativity but also teaching the importance of recycling and repurposing materials. 


Embracing Wackiness: A Celebration of Dr. Seuss at The Academy of McKay's Mill

 This week, The Academy of McKay's Mill took a whimsical turn as we celebrated Wacky Wednesday in homage to the legendary Dr. Seuss. From mismatched socks to topsy turvy hats, our little learners showcased their creativity with gusto, delighting in the joy of embracing the unconventional. It was a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and reminder that sometimes, a little bit of silliness is all we need to brighten our spirits. 


African Drumming

 In celebration of Black History Month, The Academy of McKay's Mill embarked on an enriching journey into the rhythmic word of African drumming. Our friends were captivated by the rhythmic beats and vibrant melodies. Through this experience, they not only learned about the significance of African drumming but also celebrated diversity and unity.